Entry number one is here. In which I waxed lyrical about a wonderful Victorian London populated with humanoid cats. But not just cats. Cats with AGENDAS. Also there were dogs. HELL dogs who wanted to wage war on Catkind by opening some kind of PORTAL in a religious place.

There was to be monocles and stove-pipe hats and busty prostitutes and Dodger-like pickpocketing orphans as well as jokes featuring litter trays in outhouses and saucers of milk being served in inns and catnip dealers in shady areas of town and in my head it was GLORIOUS and FUNNY and EXCITING and… and…

… of no interest to me whatsoever.

The theme may have excited many (the positive feedback on Twitter and Reddit has been humbling). But for me to stay interested, it needed to excite ME. I don’t like cats. I don’t know much about Victorian London. I’m not religious.

Not that I’m shying away from hard work and research, but to make a start on such a project that is completely foreign to me seems incredibly daunting when I have no prior Brain ammo to throw into the thing.

Not to mention that for the game to meet the vision in my head, the scale would have had to be enormous. Blockbuster proportions.

"Hi, I’m Kelsey, and with no experience whatsoever, I’m gonna go ahead and make Avatar 2. It’s OK. I brought blue paint!"

Over-ambitious is not a big enough term.

Miscreant Felines and the Fog Monsters of Olde London Towne is on haitus. On the back burner, so to speak. I will return to it in future and in the meantime I will slowly chip away at learning more about Victorian culture. The events, the literature, the notable people. And I can’t promise I’ll start liking cats any time soon, though. So it might end up being squirrels.

Squirrels are nice.

So, Secret Project With Friend, ‘Disaster!’ is still bubbling away. My co-designer is the lead on this one, and we get very little time together to playtest our crude prototype, so although it’s hot, it’s slow moving… Like Lava!

Now, then.

Say hello to Clifford’s Brain.


KJ @SonAndGames